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Episode 10 - 6ft Sword

Holy crap!  We went video!  This week we talk about all the new WoW stuff: boat drama, updated 6.2 changes, raid testing, ohhai Grom, movie pushed back... again.  hearthstone's blackwing lair opens.  87 attempts for Heroic Vaelastrasz.  StarCraft BETA received. heroes live date.  Storm the Dorm.  Still no Ashbringer.  Some fun Overwatch skin ideas.  All this and more!

Episode 11 - Welcome to the Jungle

This week:  Lat returns, WoW gives us a preview of things to come, arena tournaments galore, Hearthstone's final wing opens up, and Are eSports real sports?  All this and more. Audio Only: Audio Only:

Episode 12 - Merely a Setback

WoW's dead.  Pack it up.  Hearthstone's cleared.  Heroes reveals 2 new heroes.  All this and more in this week's show! Audio Only:

Episode 13 - Dude, Where's My Runesaber?

WoW subs down 3 million, what's a Blizzard to do!?  The Runesaber is released, but not for everyone!?  Grom cosplay truly out of this world.  Iron Horde hits Hellfest 2015, but why?  6.2 patch notes and 6.1 hotfixes.  Diablo is getting invaded by The Cow King.  Scharlett gets her 'Craft on... sorta.  Free Heroes, discount heroes, new site gives some builds.  Overwatch sees 2 characters with 10(ish) minutes of gameplay.  This and a LOT more in Episode 13. Audio Only:

Episode 14 - What's Flying, Precious?

Let's all take selfies!  6.2 has more info released.  Where'd flying go!?  Tier sets discussed.  Hearthstone and card backs.  Diablo bug fixes.  StarCraft matchmaking and how bad DravenDresden is at the game.  Heroes Beta is Live.  Skins released.  Overwatch's McCree and Hanzo gameplay videos.  All this and the insane rambling you've come to expect.