Episode 0 - What Were We Thinking!?

1st off, apologies for the sound issue.  This will be resolved for Episode 1.
@DravenDresden, @Scharlett_ctr, @hemithefreak, @willgsx got together to discuss pretty much all things Blizzard related.  We did a quick intro of ourselves, talked about our (personal and witnessed) EPIC FAILs, and what we thought of raiding (and some pvp) so far.  We rambled on about Hearthstone before hitting up a bit of Diablo and how much it's the red-headed-step-child for Blizz atm.  Not much on StarCraft this show, except we aren't going to be onstage at Blizzcon for it. We hit a bit of HotS.  When we mentioned Overwatch, all I took from it, is that people are still looking forward to it.  PAX EAST got mentioned.  And even... Heroes Action Figures!?
Come take a listen and always shoot for the stars.  Even if you don't make it, you FAILed EPICly.

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Episode 1 - Patch Weke

We got a new intro already!? :D  Special Thanks to Theory for making this for us!

What do you talk about when there isn't a ton of new news from Blizzard?  #PepeSelfieTwitter

In Episode 1 - Patch Weke, we go over a few highlights for 6.1 in WoW.  What happened with Iron Docks?  World 1st Mythic Blackhand!    Too many orcs?  Is the Burning Legion coming?  Heirloom tab incoming.  Poor Scharlett and her Garrosh drops.  Legendary follow makes Blackrock Gear Missions 100%?  New "What killed me?"  Is it too soon to get rid of your Profession Buildings?  125 stat food incoming. How much is too much fish?  Graphic Updates to the game.  New toys for the box.  All this and more!

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Episode 2 - Revenge of the Ashbringer

What color is that dress!?  No, really.  What color is it?   NO.  Llama is not a color.

In Episode 2 - Revenge of the Ashbringer, we here at Epic Fail, dive into everything from fashion, chasing llamas, Net Neutrality, the loss of Spock, to all things Blizzard.

WoW has some hotfixes.  Humans taking a selfie now have all their parts. Lat spends a night flapping.  Our raid team ate itself, but we've all got stuff coming up. Hearthstone has some interesting things ahead.  Starcraft tournaments narrowing down the field.  Heroes is still fun. Overwatch has some exciting news.  And what's that other game... you know... OH.  Diablo adds an item that will likely get the one host that doesn't play to go back.

All this and more (including a special surprise for an upcoming episode)!

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Episode 3 - A Wild Rho Appears!

Quick Q&A with our special guest - Rho!  Is WoW going Gold to play?  That cinematic, yo.  Ashbringer still bothers the host.  Legacy of the Void sneak from PAX.  BLACKROCK MOUNTAIN Adventure Confirmed (called it)!  Wanna play Hearthstone on your phone?  Not much longer to wait.  Heroes gets a new hero and new map.  Overwatch gets 2 new heroes and a new map.  And also... Is Chromie a boy or a girl?  Or both?  And does it matter?  All this and more!

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Blood Legion No More!  Blizzcon Announced!  lfblizzcon.com  Blizzcon Predictions!  What's in the box!?  WoW "news"  Will we see D3x2?  Happy 1 Year to Hearthstone!  Worst Hearthstone Move EVER!  More Ashbringer news!  Free Heroes to pick for your Storming pleasure!  More Blizzcon stuffs!

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Episode 4 - Blizzcon Anounced!

Episode 5 - No News is Good News?

                                                                             Newest Episode

Another light news week.  WoW ilvl upgrades are here.  Iron Maidens hit with nurfbat.  BRM available for pre-order in hearthstone.  Season 2 ending in Diablo.  Freaking Ashbringer.  StarCraft closed beta soon.  Lots of Heroes stuff.  Nothing new with Overwatch. (sad)

WoW Short Story mentioned - Code of Rule can be found here:

More info on the Heroes skins and mounts mentioned can be found here:

Relive the past..

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Episode 6 - Max Your Min

What are you willing to pay for the WoW Token?  Lulz Blackhand LFR.  Are we actually helping Gul'dan?  45 hour Hearthstone turn.  Blackrock Mountain April 2nd release.  Last card reveal livestreamed.  Hearthstone mods exist!  Diablo update: freaking Ashbringer.  Grats Life on GSL Season 1 SC2 win!  Lat's gonna play Heroes after Draven gets Ashbringer!  Sylvanas isn't OP at all.  Heroes is fun even when you lose.  Even when LoL attitude invades.  Lots of changes to pretty much every character.  Overwatch's Gibralter map gets a few pics released.  New feature: Discussion - Is Min/Maxing worth it?  Lat gets "grumpy cat'd" by Scharlett.

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Episode 7 - Blackhand's Blackrock

When Lat's away, the Hearthstone will play.  WoW gets a few more item levels.  Blackhand falls.  Blackrock Mountain is kinda easy.  Discussion topic: "When is it time to 'step back'?"

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Episode 8 - Tokens 'R Us

WoW Token prices fall thru the floor.  Hearthstone's Blackrock Mountain releases a new wing.  Polt goes 3-0 in WCS.  Heroes is fun.  Diablo's Season 3 starts.  DravenDresden starts his farming of Ashbringer.  Gorehowl gets made IRL.

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Episode 9 - We're on a Motherf@#$in' Boat

So Star Wars trailer happened.  We hit that really quick (cuz how can we resist?).  Eventbrite had a... hiccup.  Then we take lots of time to hit up the 6.2 patch notes.  Where is Gul'dan & Grom!?  3rd Wing of BRM Hearthstone Adventure opened.  Hooboy... Gen. Drakk is hard.  Did DravenDresden get Ashbringer?!?  Legacy of the Void Beta gets a balance patch.  More invites going out soon.  Heroes was on ESPN3.  Nothing new with Overwatch, but more to come there soon!  And what's this about a Warcraft Movie Trailer coming out!?